Activity Recovery Readiness in the one app!

Eclipse Yourself accurately monitors and helps you improve your activity, recovery and readiness. Health data comes from your Apple Watch and users can visually see their daily balance.

"Their app has revolutionized my recovery over the past year. So, maybe it's time for you to unlock the true power of your Apple Watch"

3x Olympian Henry Hutchison

Life is about balance, not numbers and scores...

Users aim for a total Eclipse each day, with multiple health metrics all combining into 3 seperate Eclipse circles - Activity, Recovery and Readiness. When these circles form into an Eclipse, your body is in total balance. If not, the circles will deviate and show you which area needs attention.


Built by developers who have worked with elite sports for 15+ years!

"We are not your average developers, we built Eclipse from working with coaches & athletes in real life"

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Much More Than Just Another Fitness App!

Eclipse Yourself is focused on the whole you.

Eclipse unlocks the true power of your Apple Watch and is the perfect app for insights into your sleep, heart rate variability (HRV), training intensity, stress, readiness and day to day life. 

All your key health data across activity, recovery and readiness come together to create baselines tailored to you.  

Discover your perfect Eclipse, with the most in-depth feedback on your health balance from an Apple Watch.

The Complete Platform

Watch + iPhone + iPad

Featured on Live TV!

Highlighted on the Today Show by Amelia Phillips as the Top Pick in Fitness Apps for 2024.

Eclipse Your Activity

Every move you make while wearing your Apple Watch is all captured in Activity, every minute of the day, be it walking around the shops or doing that workout.

Eclipse use's this activity data to display a personalised 'Road to Success' to keep your Activity Eclipse in balance.

Learn more about creating the perfect Eclipse.

Eclipse Your Recovery

Each time we sleep our body recovers, however the quality of our recovery varies.

Eclipse measures all your key sleep metrics like duration, fatigue, heart rate, blood oxygen, HRV and respiration rate. Eclipse use's this data to display a personalised 'Peak Recovery' visual to keep your Eclipse Recovery in balance.

Learn more about creating the perfect Eclipse.

Eclipse Your Readiness

Are you ready for the day ahead? 

Readiness can monitor physical fatigue and mental stress, giving insights on when you are ready to perform, and when you should consider your options, such as warning signs for sickness. Eclipse use's this data to display a personalised 'Readiness Sunrise' visual to keep your Eclipse Readiness in balance

Learn more about creating the perfect Eclipse.

See It In Action!

Watch the below for a detailed app walk through from Brandon Talbot and Marina Tech. Plus lots more in the videos page.

Quality Matters

From the creators of world renowned apps AutoSleep & HeartWatch used by millions worldwide, our app history tells our story:

Eclipse is the app we have been building quietly in the background for years, built with the same love, care and attention as all our apps. 

Just Check Your Wrist

Track your Activity, Recovery and Readiness on the Watch app, along with unique Watch Face complications.

Learn more about the Watch app.

Eclipse in Action!

In the world of professional golf, two ladies stand out for not only their skill on the green but also their approach to monitoring. 

Meet Romy Meekers and Emie Peronnin, friends on the Ladies European Tour who navigate the highs and lows of professional golf with their trusty Apple Watch.

Whether they are teeing off in Glasgow or putting in Paris, their Apple Watches are never far from their wrists, diligently tracking their heart rates, steps, and of course the occasional birdie

Romy and Emie discovered Eclipse Yourself and instantly incorporated it into their daily preparations. 

As Romy notes, “our training and constant travel takes a toll on our bodies, so using Eclipse Yourself we can manage our activity and recovery routines much easier”

Recover Better

Between tournaments Romy and Emie spend hours in the gym and refining their swing. While this all gets captured in the Eclipse Yourself app, they also knew the importance of rest and recovery. 

This was evident during a recent trip to South Africa.

“The difference in our recovery based on the altitude changes from playing in Cape Town to Johannesburg was a real eye opener” explains Emie.

Look at my screen below and see the change in my blood oxygen due to the altitude" explains Emie.

"Understanding our baselines in Eclipse, we could implement some strategies to help with our sleep and performance”.

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Eclipse Yourself + Share

Eclipse Yourself + Share allows you to securely share and view activity, recovery and readiness data with other Eclipse users.

Ideal for squads, organisations, sports, families, friends and more. Manage a small group or hundreds of athletes.

Available on your iPhone or use the big screen on the iPad.

Note - Sharing is only available with the 'Eclipse Yourself + Share' subscription. Family Sharing is included, so it is perfect for setting up a family monitoring group!

Learn more about Sharing with Eclipse.

Sharing lets you view up to 6 months of data for approved shared users, with stunning visuals and insights.

View samples on the Sharing page.

App of the Day!

Amazing Widgets

Use widgets on your iPhone to keep your favourite information at your fingertips.

Eclipse Yourself has a collection of beautiful small and medium sized widgets on offer, as shown below. They are designed to reflect the key themes used in the app for activity, recovery and readiness


Bring your Activity, Recovery and Readiness together in the Orbit. The Orbit makes it easy to compare in one place, even applying 7 day trends to track small changes and relationships in your data.

Answer questions like:

It is next to endless on what you can uncover.

Amelia Phillips

Nutritionist & Exercise Scientist

"Perfect for fitness focussed, active optimisers wanting to track the interplay between activity, recovery and readiness. It's the first thing I look at every morning "


The Wait Is Over For Apple Watch Users

We have seen the wearables marketplace swamped in recent years with different devices and apps all dishing up sleep numbers and training values to users.

There is no need to wear an unnecessary piece of jewellery or strap that doesn’t even tell the time.

We knew we could do this better for Apple Watch users.

Eclipse Yourself is the product of over 4 years of development, feedback and refinement, including full implementations with professional sports using the app over this time. 

What was once only available for elite sports, is now available to you!

Eclipse let’s us remove the multitude of numbers and scores that are usually served up to users. Fitness and wellbeing is much more than a score, percentage or training number. It's about balance.

Total Privacy

Privacy is critical to all our apps. 

The Eclipse Yourself app has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. We do not collect your data. We do not transfer your data to 3rd party servers to sell.

Refer to any of our apps to see the importance we place on data privacy.

Keeping it Simple

Eclipse delivers a single visual to really understand your health at a glance.

Don't over complicate the simple, life is busy enough! People just want to train consistently, recover well and try give our best during the day.

Eclipse Yourself makes this possible.

Discover Eclipse

Learn all about what creates the perfect Eclipse here, along with dedicated pages to help you understand your activity, recovery, readiness, sharing and much more.

Help Centre

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