What is Options

Options is the place to go for Eclipse configuration, profile setup, settings and managing the sharing of your Eclipse data with others.

On the home Eclipse page, tap on the Options tab at the bottom and the options will be displayed.

Setup my Profile

A profile can be setup with some basic information to identify you. A profile is essential if using the Eclipse Share functions, as the profile setup is what other users will see.

Enter a full name (a first and last name must be entered) and nickname (if you have no commonly used short name, just use your first name). Tap the image frame to select an image from your camera roll.

Sharing Privacy Options

Data sharing options are available in the 'Setup my Profile' page. You will always see your own personal data, but you can elect what you wish to share or hide with other approved users if using the Eclipse Share function.

These sharing privacy options only apply to users you have approved for sharing. If you wish to remove access permanently to a shared user, refer to the 'Removing Shared People' section in the Share page.

Any of these selections apply globally to all shared users, that is, you cannot elect individual settings for specific shared users.

Note: if a function was previously shared with another approved user but then you turned on the hide function later, it will be applied the next time the shared user updates their Eclipse Share.

Learn more about Sharing and Permissions here.

Configure my Eclipse

Eclipse Yourself will work straight out of the box, but some fine tuning can help with your insights.

Here you will find the available options for configuring your Eclipse. They are are split into Activity, Recovery and Readiness. Configuration options may change as new versions are released with additional functions.

Activity Configuration

Show Workout Form:

The Inbox gives you the option of completing a post workout form to add additional context to your session. This setting lets you hide the form if not required. Refer to the Inbox page for more information.

Activity Notification:

If you would like to be reminded each day with a push notification on your activity progress, set this to 'Enabled'. It will also notify you if your road status changes, such as you went into the fast lane and are building fitness.

Use Kilometres:

This changes between using kilometres and miles in Eclipse.

Use Cals:

This changes between using calories (cals) and kilojoules (kJ) in Eclipse.

Maximum Heart Rate:

By default this is setup using the standard formula of 220 - Years of Age. For example, for a 40 year old the default Max HR is 220 - 40 = 180. If you know your Max HR and it is different, you can edit it here.

Use the + and - buttons to change. Remember to select 'Done' to save your changes.

Recovery Configuration

Sleep Duration Configure:

Using the + and - buttons, enter the total sleep duration that you feel you require to wake up refreshed. Most people are between 7-9 hours.

Sleep Source Configure:

Eclipse lets you select the data source for your sleep duration, with the option to use our AutoSleep app (available on all Apple Watch series), or the native Apple Sleep app (available only on Apple Watch Series 4 and above). Use the + and - buttons to change. Remember to select 'Done' to save your changes.

Note, for users who have both apps installed and setup to track sleep, if using Apple Sleep as the option then if no Apple Sleep data is recorded, AutoSleep will be used if available. If using AutoSleep as the option, it will mirror the results you see in the AutoSleep app.

Readiness Configuration

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Configure:

HRV is a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat.

Eclipse lets you select between your Sleeping HRV or Waking HRV to use as part of the Readiness algorithm. Both are fantastic measures, however you will need to use either the Apple Sleep app or AutoSleep app to track your HRV while you sleep.ย 

If you select Waking HRV, it will use the HRV measure in the waking window that is recorded by the sleep app. However, using the breathe app (found in the Mindfulness app) on your Apple Watch on wake up is recommended for best results, it is also a very nice way to start the day with a breathing exercise.

Use the + and - buttons to change. Remember to select 'Done' to save your changes.

Temperature Sensitivity Configure:

For users with an Apple Watch Series 8 or Ultra, you can measure your wrist temperature while you sleep. As some users are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations, Eclipse has the option of normal or high sensitivity. Normal is fluctuation between 0.5 degree celsius. Sensitive is fluctuations between 0.25 degree celsius. Both will capture signs of illness as it is usually above fluctuations of 1 degree celsius (1.8 degrees F).

Use the + and - buttons to change. Remember to select 'Done' to save your changes.

Tip: in order to collect recovery and readiness metrics like SpO2, respiration rate and temperature, enable the Sleep Focus mode on your Apple Watch at bedtime (see below). This is an Apple Health requirement. It also puts your Watch into 'do not disturb' so it doesn't wake you up!

Eclipse Configuration

Show Wellness Survey:

The Inbox gives you the option of completing a daily Wellness Survey to add additional context to your data. This setting lets you hide the form if not required. Refer to the Inbox page for more information.

Use the + and - buttons to change. Remember to select 'Done' to save your changes.

Eclipse Balance Notification:

If you would like to be reminded each morning with a push notification on how many Eclipse circles you have in balance, set this to 'Enabled'. It will also notify you if there are any significant changes later in the day.

Share my Eclipse

This is the place where you can manage the sharing of your Eclipse data. Sharing data will share your Activity, Recovery and Readiness data with approved users by default, but you can hide data using the sharing permissions in the 'Setup my Profile'.

To use this function, you require the 'Eclipse Yourself + Share' subscription. For others to see your data, they also require the 'Eclipse Yourself + Share' subscription. You can upgrade at any time in the app.

Sharing is a big module and not required for individual users tracking their own Eclipse.

The Share my Eclipse page lets you:

If you are looking to use Share, we encourage you to learn more on the Share page here.

Tip: you are in control of your data, so be careful who you share with and remember to remove if no longer required.

Invite to Eclipse

The Invite to Eclipse button can be used to send a message to a new or existing Eclipse user that you are looking to share data with.ย 

As documented in the Share page, sharing data is the responsibility of the owner of the data to share with others. However to save some time in asking users to share their data with you, this will auto-generate a new message in your iPhone Messenger that you can sent to known users. It contains some links for new users or existing users to follow.

In interested, you can read the instructions here on the invite page.

The most common scenario for using the Invite to Eclipse, is when a coach is inviting their athletes to share, or a family is inviting other family members.

Help Tab

Next to the Options Tab in the bottom panel is the Help tab. This contains resources to support you with your use of Eclipse Yourself.

Eclipse Introduction

When you first installed Eclipse Yourself, you would have made your way through a brief introduction video. If you missed this or didn't have the time to properly read, fear not, you can view this again anytime.

On the home Eclipse page, tap the Help tab and select 'Eclipse Introduction' to replay the magical overview (see below). This is built for new users and is the best starting point.

Help Centre

The Help Centre is the primary support front door to find everything about Eclipse Yourself.

Refer here for the Help Centre.

Problem or Request

This is the place if you need to send us an email for any issues you may be having. We also love feedback about how to improve, what you like, or what you dislike.

The generated email will include some support diagnostics and a log file which may help us with your issue, but please try add extra to the body of the email by describing the issue in detail.

Subscription Options

To use Eclipse Yourself you require an active subscription. The Subscription Options page allows you to:

TIP: If you have Family Sharing setup in the App Store with other family members, this is included in all subscription options.

System Settings

It's rare that you will need to go into System Settings, however you may be directed here by Support if you encounter an issue.

Tip: the setting named 'You have granted access to your Health & Fitness data' is a commonly used support item that indicates if you have health permissions granted. These are required for the app to work. You want to see a green icon here.

How To Video

Sometimes its easier to watch and learn. Refer to the videos below to understand more about options and configurations. Or view the entire collection on the Videos page.