What is Eclipse Yourself?

Learn About Activity, Recovery, Readiness & Orbit

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Sharing and Viewing With Others

Using the Watch App

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Site Map

Eclipse - the main home page with the Eclipse animation, explaining what it means to be in perfect balance.

Activity - monitor your activity progress, visualised by staying on the road to success.

Recovery - how well did you recover while sleeping after the day's events, now you can find out.

Readiness - how mentally and physically ready are you for the day ahead.

Orbit - compare your activity, recovery and readiness to discover related trends.

Watch - using Eclipse on the Apple Watch app to monitor your Eclipse status, along with setting up Watch Face complications.

Inbox - additional context with wellness surveys and workout questionnaires you can add to your data for greater insights.

Options - learn about the different configuration options, settings, profile management, security and sharing your data.

Exports - how to export data to a csv file.

Share - a unique world first sharing dashboard for the Apple Watch, share your data with approved users or monitor a group. This requires the 'Eclipse Yourself + Share' subscription to use.

Frequently Asked Questions - a list of all the common questions and answers. The first place to look for any troubleshooting.

How To Videos - view the collection of easy to follow videos, that walk you through the basics.

Subscriptions - information about subscriptions, payments and cancellations. This is found in the FAQ page.

Quick Setup - new to Eclipse or looking for a refresher? Proceed directly to the Quick Setup Guide to learn the essentials.

Privacy - we treat the privacy of our customers very seriously. Refer here for our Privacy Policy and User Terms.

Download Free Trial - link to download Eclipse Yourself from the App Store and start your free trial.