Invest the Time to Learn

Sometimes it is easier to sit, relax and watch a video. Find below a collection of YouTube Videos we created to give you a flavour for how Eclipse Yourself is used.

As with most good things in life, there is generally an investment of time that is required to get the most out of something. The exact same thing applies to apps!ย 

Walkthrough Video

Full Overview by Reviewers:

Today's Eclipse

Today's Eclipse Home Page:

Typical Daily Use

General Use Video:

Activity & Workouts

Activity Road to Success:

Workouts and Quad Graphs:


Climb to Peak Recovery:


Creating a Readiness Sunrise:

Eclipse Orbits

Using Orbits:

Sharing & Monitoring

How to Share Your Data:

Using the Share Dashboard:ย 


Using the Inbox:

Options & Help Tabs

Options, Configuration and Help Tabs:

iPad View

Using the iPad with Eclipse:


Widgets Video:

Live TV Appearance

TV Feature: