Watch App - Activity Road

At anytime you can see how your activity is travelling. Staying on the road keeps your activity in the optimal zone.

The Watch app lets you view a live update of today's activity (red dotted line), comparing it to your 6 month average for that specific day of the week (green line).

The red dot ๐Ÿ”ด indicates all your activity from the last 7 days in one dot! This will change based on your activity during the day.ย 

Remember, the red dot ๐Ÿ”ด is a 7 day average, so a one-off run or gym session may not make the line move a lot. Consistency is key, we are here for long term gains!

The road is your personalised optimal zone and is split into 2 lanes. When the red dot is in the upper fast lane ------, you are getting fitter with increased effort. When in the bottom lane ------, you are maintaining your status quo.

Push too hard or relax too much, and you will come off the road. But fear not, Eclipse Yourself will help guide you back onto the road to success.

Learn more about Activity here.

Watch App - Gauges

Track your Activity, Recovery and Readiness on the Watch app.

Eclipse displays each of the primary gauges in the Watch app. You can scroll down the screen to see the current status for each.

The Activity gauge will show a white needle and red needle. The red needle will update during the day depending on your activity. The Recovery and Readiness gauge will update once you wake and the data has processed in Eclipse from your iPhone.

If your Eclipse is out of balance, this will be reflected in the gauges. See below an example showing my Recovery out of balance, with the white needle to the far left.

Tip: for faster processing of recovery and readiness gauges, unlock your iPhone and open Eclipse Yourself in the morning, as this allows the app to access the health sleep data.ย 


Complications are widget like displays on your Watch face. Eclipse Yourself has an array of complications to suit different Watches and different needs, all controlled through the Watch. Better yet, the complications act as shortcuts to the Watch app.

Eclipse Yourself supports complications for:

It is important to note that Apple makes some complications only available to certain Watch Series.

Tip: Refer to the official Apple support page on setting up Complications here.