Steps For Sharing Data

Follow the steps below for sharing your Eclipse data

STEP 1 - App Update

Do you have the current version of Eclipse Yourself installed and an active share subscription? 

To check, open the App Store using the button below. If you see a blue Update button, please tap this.

STEP 2 - Check You Have Data

Open the Eclipse Yourself app on your iPhone. Does data load into the app

You will see 3 front gauges for Activity, Recovery and Readiness (see image below). Tap on each of the gauges to check for historical data. If no data exists, this means we need to check your health permissions.

STEP 3 - Setup Your Profile

In the Eclipse Yourself app, open the Options tab (it is bottom left corner on the home screen) and go into ‘Setup my Profile’.

Make sure you have a full name, alias and image uploaded.

Are the words ‘Share Activity’ and ‘Share Recovery and Readiness’ showing? If you see the word "Hide", this means it is restricting data to the people you are going to share with.

STEP 4 - Configure Your Eclipse

In the Eclipse Yourself app, open the Options tab and go into ‘Configure my Eclipse’

Scroll down to the Recovery section. Is the sleep source set to the correct sleep app you are using? For example, if you are using the AutoSleep app to capture sleep, make sure you can see ‘AutoSleep’ as the name showing. if you use the Apple Sleep app for tracking, make sure this is showing.

STEP 5 - iCloud Settings

An active iCloud account with some storage is required to share data.

Open the Apple Settings app on your iPhone, tap on your name at the top, tap into iCloud. Check these points:

STEP 6 - Share Your Data

You are now ready to send a share invite to another known user so they can see your Eclipse data. An example is an athlete sharing data with a coach. Follow these steps:

If still stuck, watch the video below, as it shows all the above steps to share data:

Always remember... you are in control of your own data.

Visit the Eclipse Share page for more details or adding and removing users.

To learn more about Eclipse Yourself, please visit the Help Centre.